Before we opened le duc we had several successful ramen pop ups in our office location as well as on the street in front of our Funky Fisch restaurant.

We want to introduce high quality ramen the way we found on our many trips to Japan. While traditionally considered a cheap fast food, ramen have undergone a change. While there are still countless shops offering a quick and simple meal, many artisan ramen shops have opened up, serving their owners vision of the perfect bowl. Many of these shops have people queuing up for hours for a chance to get in. Some have even been awarded a michelin star.

Many shops do not only sell ramen but also small side dishes to go along with them, often a bowl of rice with a topping that suits the ramen. We picked up on this idea and on our events we offer you a menu consisting of a bowl of ramen, a accompanying side dish as well as a desert and tea. We look forward to welcome you back to our ramen events starting November 2022. Please check our event calendar for dates.